With solutions that meet today's complex challenges, our focus is to provide a Unified Digital Transformation Platform (SPITrust Coopera) as well as various Cryptographic Certificate Solutions such as a PKI Automation Platform (CLM).

About RNTrust (RECRO-NET) a member of RNTrust Group.

At RNTrust, we have a vision aimed towards three directions: Digital Transformation, Cryptographic Cyber Security, Time Solutions.

RNTrust is forming a “strategic synergy group” centred on those three pillars of innovation: Digital Transformation, Cryptographic Cyber Security, Time Solutions. By generating synergies between group entities and strategic business partners we continue to develop and implement innovative solutions.

RNTrust was founded in 2001 by entrepreneurs as a response to a lack of skills required for ICT technologies with an aim and a vision to become a leading company in this industry in Europe and then in the ME. We set up our UAE reginal office in 2009 which became our Corporate HQ in 2015.

RNTrust is a leading software and solution vendor in the area of Digital Transformation, Cyber security, Time Solutions, that operates and has its customers around the world.

Our customers are largely in financial institutions, transport sector, energy, large enterprises, state, and local administration companies:

Our group employs large numbers of professionals who have experience with a substantial number of solution deliveries.

Our work is based on long-term relationship development with our customers. We understand their business requirements and consider their needs, and accordingly, we deliver:

The power of our company relies on the know-how and experience of our employees.

We strongly believe that competencies and professionalism is the only key to our market success.

We have technology partnerships with global IT Solution providers such as Atos, Thales, Endrun Technologies, Entrust, Interdata, IBM, Thales, Utimaco, INSIG2, SPAN, EverTrust, SEIKO, and many others.

UAE Registered Trademarks are SPITrust, Stratumone, SPITrust Coopera, ORCA and RNTrust.