Public Key Infrastructure RFP Template

Today, CISO need to accomplish the impossible — Secure and reliable digital identities, remain compliant, keep customer data and transactions secured by migrate to the private environments such as AWS or Azure. Several options are available to achieve these goals. As a matter of fact, Right PKI RFP template will address a number of solutions to the above challenges.

Also choosing Secured PKI solution may be painstaking. It may be taking time to investigate products, partner, pre-requisite thoroughly and pick the right solution/System integrator for your organization.

Based on our decades of experience in consulting and implementation for Root PKI, HSM and Secure Digital Signature Solution with organizations from SME to large enterprises in UAE and EMEA to assist with their Request for Proposal processes, we’ve prepared an RFP Template for PKI solution, AWS or Azure platform. Hence, this Secure RFP template you can use as the basis for your requirements or prerequisite search.


Features and functionality

Securing IT layers​

Card Management Services​

InfoSec & physical security​

Key capabilities​

On-premises Platform availability and scalability​

Security, compliance in UAE/ GCC and privacy​

Pre-requisite Cryptographic devices (HSM & e-Token)​

CP/CPS requirements​

Root CA, operational CA​

Rest APIs and integrations with backoffice​

Implementation, Training and localise support​

Pre-requisite NTP, Server and database ​