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RNTrust partners with Interdata to deliver SPITrust Coopera BPM

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Mohammad S. Tabrez, RNTrust Group
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RNTrust, a recognized trusted service provider, and Interdata, a leading actor in Business Process & Robotic Process Automation, and Enterprise Content Management, have established a strategic partnership to provide SPITrust Coopera.

Organizations have discovered that the digital transformation route is often more complex than anticipated, bringing unexpected legal challenges along with organizational ones.

SPITrust Coopera® allows organizations of all types to coordinate all the activities between teams, departments, and any other system to simplify and improve daily processes, replace repetitive activities, and reduce human activity.

The powerful SPITrust Coopera® BPM engine allows businesses to digitize processes of any type. It also allows managing every aspect of the process by keeping track of all the activities performed (approvals, agreements, authorizations, subscriptions, etc.). SPITrust Coopera® BPM designer, compatible with BPMN 2.0, allows for greater agility drag and drop workflow design.

SPITrust Coopera®, a proven turnkey digital signature platform, allows businesses to implement legally binding signatures as part of Coopera BPM workflows.

“For decades, digital signature lacked advanced workflows capabilities, and BPM solutions were not capable of implementing legally binding signatures. With SPITrust Coopera®, we have closed that gap, and it opens an attractive future of combined compliance and agility,” said Olivier RUFF – Chief Technology Officer at RNTrust Group.

SPITrust Coopera® allows businesses to transform and revolutionize their operations, increasing general productivity, improving efficiency, and ensuring secure and digital collaboration while enhancing compliance.

SPITrust Coopera® manages both the visual signature (wet-ink like) and certificate-based digital signature such as:

SPITrust Coopera® is compliant with eIDAS regulations and allows for certificates to be stored in tokens or generated “on the fly” for greater usability and flexibility. This unique feature will enable users of SPITrust Coopera® to sign any time, anywhere, and from any device.

“The resulting outcome of the collaboration goes beyond just a document that needs to be signed. It’s a holistic approach to businesses’ digital signature process optimization with the intention to provide a seamless, enjoyable, and trusted employee and customer experience.” said Silvestro Ricciardi – Chief Executive Officer & CTO at Interdata

We want to help organizations enhance their value by designing innovative solutions, developing customized digital platforms, and providing consultancy and training services.

Our business analysts and consultants analyze how organizations work and design automated digital processes that optimize business performance. With years of experience in the electronic signature field, all legal, organizational, and technical elements are included in the design at an early stage.

Our team of engineers creates customized solutions for specific industry needs based on digital management and distribution of digital content.

Businesses have archives of paper documents or files; SPITrust Coopera® dematerialization feature will transform them into digital content stored in our ECM solution and secured for decades by LTV technology.

About RNTrust:


Founded in 2001, RNTrust concentrates on Cyber Security, focusing on PKI-based Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication. With more than 550 RNTrust professionals around the GCC, Europe, US and a network of strong global partners, the company serves customers in many countries worldwide. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certification provides customers assurance that RNTrust meets stringent international standards on Quality Management and Information Security Management.

RNTrust provides unique skills and rare expertise in Digital Signature, PKI, HSM, IAM, Blockchain, Time Synchronization, and Digital Forensics.

Our SPITrust product, strong of 10+ years of existence, has a proven track record of legally accepted Digital Signature in numerous organizations spread across EMEA.

About Interdata:

Founded in 1977, Interdata has emerged in Italy as a leading provider of BPA/RPA and enterprise content management solutions. https://www.interdata.it/en/

For over 40 years the company has been successfully creating digital transformation solutions by offering innovative platforms and high value-added services to the Public, Healthcare, and Financial sectors. Interdata’s main goal is to enable businesses of all sizes and type to design, implement and optimize the most complex business processes on any system or application platform.

Coopera is Interdata’s core application suite designed to manage the entire lifecycle of enterprise information content such as business processes, communications, documents and cases and support collaborative work.