Central Regional Purchasing Authority
Sector: Healthcare, Government
Technologies: DMS, BPM, Digital Signature

Centralized Accounts Receivable process management and payment automation platform


The Regional Purchasing Authority for the Campania Region in Italy is in charge for the implementation of strategic actions aimed at the rationalization of regional spending. The authority awards public contracts or concludes framework agreements for projects, supplies or services for Local Health Centers, public and private accredited Hospitals and all Local Authorities acting in the regional territories.


The Regional Purchasing Authority needed to automate the entire payment process and implement a centralized public web platform integrated with government services and the National Central Bank of Italy transactions system.

The main challenges and goals of the project were:

Delegation and authorization processes of Local Public Administration payments needed to be fully digitized.


RNTrust designed and implemented a centralized integration platform for the complete management of Accounts Receivable processes, focusing on all the purchase orders deriving from healthcare organisations and the compliance with the OPI standard and the national public service operational guidelines.

The platform is based on the SPITrust Coopera© solution content services and provides automated management of the Region Authority’s Payment Center delegations with integrated authorization and digital signature processes. To accomplish the project goals the following SPITrust Coopera applications were bundled:

SPITrust Coopera core features provided a complete automation of the overall payment process, including payment delegation receipts, automated documentation verifications, streamlined approval tasks and authorization processes and interoperability with transactions system and Authority ERP system.


The authority’s regional payment operations have all been automated and streamlined and are now easier to manage and monitor. Management team members can monitor in one easy to use dashboard all pending payments and all the related tasks in the process at any time. They can easily analyse the status of each payment, filter by authority, or department and get insight on the overall process performance.

Thanks to the SPITrust Coopera© platform capabilities and SPITrust services, processes between authorities have been standardized since payment requests, documents, and file formats now follow the OPI standard and the national public service operational guidelines.