Local Health Authorities
Sector: Healthcare, Government
Technologies: DMS, BPM, Digital Signature

Procurement Cycle management and Accounts Payable Process Automation with ECM and BPM


Health Authority Centers are public authorities belonging to the Italian Government, responsible for providing health services to residents of a specific province or region. It fulfils the tasks of the National Health Service and other duties provided for by law in a specific territorial area.


Health Authority Centers are public entities and therefore are subject to specific Government regulations and laws for procurement and payment procedures. They administrate Public Hospitals, Counselling Centers and thousands of doctors and health operators serving millions of patients.

Compliance with these procurement regulations and payment rules is a crucial factor for the proper functioning of the national economy and is part of compliance with the European directives on tendering, evaluation, and awarding. Procurement Departments must deal with the purchase of thousands of vendors and products like pharmaceutical products, medical devices and different goods that will be distributed to their hospitals and care centers.

Most of the activities such as contract signing, document organization, archival, exchange and verification were managed manually and not automated, resulting in time-consuming procedures and high management costs.

Furthermore, since invoice payments are required within 60 days from the date of their receipt, due to European law regulations, authority users need to be supported by automation and task management tools to ensure compliance.


RNTrust designed and developed a completely integrated and highly automated e-Procurement and Payment Solution based on SPITrust Coopera©.

The new digital platform offered solutions to all the existing challenges by providing several applications deployed on SPITrust Coopera© content services platform:

The core features of SPITrust Coopera provided management of the entire procurement cycle, including contract management, procurement planning, requirement definition, tendering, evaluation, and awarding.

The solution provided automation and management of all Health Authority Centers processes and documents (Contract, RFP, Attachments) involved, including invoice processing, digital contract sign requests, payment authorization flows and settlements.

Human tasks are automatically distributed and assigned to the appropriate Authority users.

All documents are automatically stored in document libraries and structured folders with full integration with backend ERP services and public tendering platform.


By using established, harmonized, and streamlined business processes in the Procurement cycle management and accounts payable operations, the overall organization integration is facilitated, and management costs are reduced. Department users, suppliers and other participants save time and money when the business process, from contract to payment, is carried out electronically, respecting payment deadlines according to the agreed rules.

Centralized processing of vendor payments eliminated payment delays and cash flow problems and has led to supplier satisfaction, and the Health Authority Centers establishing lasting relationships with them.

Improved transaction accuracy, productivity gains, and better tracking of transactions are some other major benefits achieved. In addition, the quality of care and patient safety are improved.